Our institution was established to serve issues such as presenting the capabilities of Turkish education system, vocational, undergraduate and post-graduate programs in domestic and international related areas. We aim to help promote domestic education institutions’ activities and to enlarge the number of international students who wish to come and study in Turkey.

Our institution organizes programs that are aimed to generate revenue for the nation within the education tourism sector.

Education tourism helps in traveling to foreign countries for people who wish to improve abilities, learn something or achieve a good career.

Even though it is not a recent development in the world, education tourism has only recently become an important issue due to recently established higher education institutions, ascendant education quality and geographical advantages of Turkey.

Apart from the degree programs, undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies and vocational studies are within the scope.

TurkUni will act as an administrative trading body within the association. It will aim to collaborate with foreign partner companies to establish offices in subject countries. They will work to prepare draft reports, to perform market researches,  to establish workshops and fairs, to establish educational centers named as Turkish Study Center in order to assist Educational Tourism Association with procurement of students.

 We aim to establish a work order to perform task such as organizing the guide and the web portal, offering consultancy and assistance to students, undersigning procurement agreements with Turkish Educational institutions.