Since its founding in 1996, Işık University has strengthened today to 5 Faculties with 35 undergraduate programs, two Vocational Schools with 21 associate degree programs, Graduate Institutes in Social Sciences and Applied Sciences, a School of Foreign Languages, and a Center for Continuing Education.

Işık University, a central focus of the Feyziye Schools Foundation 134 cultural life, with its strong faculty membership and proactive administration, has established an institution that provides the work and academic worlds with future "GOOD" individuals who have vision and conviction.

To answer today's demands, Işık University has established two campuses - in Şile and Maslak - set near the modern city life as well as in a natural environment on 490,000 square meters with modern infrastructure, classrooms, dormitories, libraries, social and athletic facilities, and an art gallery. The Faculty of Fine Arts, the Vocational Schools, the Center for Continuing Education, the Social Sciences Institute and the Applied Sciences Institute are located on the Maslak Campus; all other faculties and departments are found on the Şile Campus.

Işık University Code of Honor

1. We, Işık University faculty, administrative staff and students abide by the terms of its academic honesty code in all academic and administrative work. We commit ourselves to maintaining all accepted principles of academic honesty and integrity . Therefore, any deviation from these standards is an ethical breach and a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy of Işık University.

Violations of Işık University's Code of Honor include:

a) For students

Cheating, assisting or ignoring the cheating of others.

Receiving or providing unauthorized assistance during any examination or in connection with any work (e.g. assignments, projects) completed or submitted for academic credit.

Submitting another's work as your own.

Plagiarism, defined as presenting the work or ideas of others as one's own without proper acknowledgement of the source in homework or term projects.

Falsifying or fabricating information.

Resubmission of previously written work (in whole or part) for grading without professorial consent.

Violating copyright protection; copying or using copyrighted material (without permission).

b) For faculty and staff

Plagiarism, falsification, distortion, rerun publication or illegal acts of publication.

Failing upon publication to acknowledge the persons, institutions or establishments that support the research study.

Failing to observe ethical rules in carrying out research.

Misusing resources, facilities,equipment and funding allocated for scientific research.

Making ungrounded accusations related to the ethical conduct of others.

2. We, the members of Işık University community, do not partake in dishonest actions, academic or otherwise; we behave honestly in all our endeavors.

3. We, the members of Işık University community, maintain standards of behaviour and integrity both within and outside the University in accord with Işık University's reputation.

4. We stand against all discrimination on the basis of religion, language, race, etnicity, creed or gender. We do not misuse our hierarchical power or position.

5. We exercise our freedom to express our scientific, artistic and managerial opinions. We respect the academic freedom of others.

6. We are mindful and respectful of one another on or off campus. While on campus, we avoid any harmful act that would damage the natural or built environment, or any fixed assets.

  • Faculty of Sciences and Arts
    • Humanities and Social Sciences (English) (Paid)
    • Psychology (Paid)
    • Psychology (English) (Paid)
    • Management Information Systems (Paid)
    • Management Information Systems (English) (Paid)
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
    • Visual Communication Design (Paid)
    • Interior Architecture (Paid)
    • Cinema and Television (Paid)
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
    • Economics (English) (Paid)
    • Management (Paid)
    • Business Administration (English) (Paid)
    • Political Science (English) (Paid)
    • International Relations (English) (Paid)
    • International Logistics and Management (English) (Paid)
    • International Trade(English) (Paid)
  • Faculty of Architecture and Design
    • Industrial Design (Paid)
    • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (English) (Paid)
    • Architecture (Paid)
    • Architecture (English) (Paid)
  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Computer Engineering (English) (Paid)
    • Biomedical Engineering (English) (Paid)
    • Electrical & Electronic Engineering (English) (Paid)
    • Industrial Engineering (English) (Paid)
    • Civil Engineering (Paid)
    • Civil Engineering (English) (Paid)
    • Mechanical Engineering (Paid)
    • Mechanical Engineering (English) (Paid)
    • Mechatronics Engineering (English) (Paid)
    • Automotive Engineering (English) (paid)
    • Software Engineering (English) (Paid)
    • Computer Engineering Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, English)
    • Cyber Security Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, Turkish)
    • Electrical Engineering Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, English)
    • Industrial Engineering Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, English)
    • Information Technologies Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, English)
    • Finance Engineering Master, (Non-Thesis, English)
    • Physics Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, English)
    • Mechanical Engineering Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, English)
    • Mathematics Master, (Thesis, English)
    • Landscape Architecture Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, Turkish)
    • Technology and Innovation Management Master, (Non-Thesis, English)
    • Civil Engineering Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, English)
    • Occupational Health and Safety Master, (Non-Thesis, Turkish)
    • Computer Engineering Ph.D, (English)
    • Mathematics Ph.D, (English)
    • Electrical Engineering Ph.D, (English)
    • Executive MBA (Thesis and Non-Thesis, English & Turkish)
    • Applied Economics (Thesis and Non-Thesis, English)
    • International Relations (Thesis and Non-Thesis, English)
    • Middle Eastern Studies (Non-thesis, English)
    • Accounting and Auditing (Thesis and Non-Thesis, Turkish)
    • Painting Master, (Thesis, Turkish)
    • Cinema and Television (Thesis and Non-Thesis, Turkish)
    • Art Theory and Criticism Master, (Thesis, Turkish)
    • Management Information Systems Master, (Non-Thesis, Turkish)
    • Interior Architecture Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, Turkish)
    • Visual Communication Design Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, Turkish)
    • Clinical Psychology Master, (Thesis and Non-Thesis, Turkish)
    • Contemporary Business Ph.D (English)
    • Clinical Psychology Ph.D (Turkish)
    • Science of Art Ph.D (Turkish)

Required Documents for Associate Degree and Undergraduate Program

  • Copy of Diploma
  • Copy of Transcript
  • Copy of Passport
  • Exam Results / If Available (SAT, ACT, YOS)
  • 1 Photo

Documents Required for the Master Program

  • Copy of UNDERGRADUATE Diploma
  • Copy of Official Transcript of Undergraduate Records
  • 2 Reference Letters
  • Letter of Intent
  • Current CV of the applicant
  • Copy of Passport
  • 1 Photo
  • Certificate of Equivalence at the time of registration
  • Motivation Letter

Documents Required for the Doctorate Program

  • Applicants are required to submit a valid exam score. ALES EA 60 / GRE: 685 / GMAT: 500
  • English Proficiency Exam Score: YDS: 65 / TOEFL IBT:79
  • Copy of both for Graduate and Undergraduate Diploma
  • Copy of both for Graduate and Undergraduate Transcript
  • Two reference letters
  • Letter of Intent
  • Corporate document
  • Current CV of the applicant
  • Copy of Passport / Copy of the identity card
  • 1 Photo
  • Certificate of Equivelance at the time of registration
  • Motivation Letter

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